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Matlock Electric Co. is now EASA Accredited! 

Matlock Electric Co. is happy to announce that we have earned EASA Accreditation and have successfully demonstrated that we follow the prescribed good practices to consistently deliver quality electromechanical repairs that maintain or improve AC electric motor efficiency and reliability. “This achievement by Matlock Electric affirms the company’s commitment to excellence,” said Linda J. Raynes, CAE, EASA president & CEO. “EASA’s Accreditation Program, just launched last summer, offers external validation that the company adheres to good practices by submitting to an independent, third-party audit.”

Electrical Equipment Services

For electrical equipment repair service, electric motor repair, servo motor repair, electric equipment sales, predictive and preventive electrical equipment and electric motor maintenance, our 500 years of employee expertise will keep your plant running efficiently for maximum profitability. We understand your business, and are able solve problems and provide solutions to meet your specific operational and strategic objectives. Family owned, Matlock Electric has been dedicated to quality, service and complete customer satisfaction since 1920, which is backed by our industry leading comprehensive 3 year warranty.


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Since 1920

Matlock Electric Co. stands ready to serve the ever-changing technologies of our customers with the same quality, service and integrity that have been our hallmark for 90 years. 

Within the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, Matlock has always supported the highest standards of quality and integrity in the electric equipment industry. We have been an active member and participant for nearly 50 years in a local as well as national and international trade associations such as EASA, PTDA, and NEMA, along with newly becoming EASA accredited. Matlock has provided sales, service and professional asset management of electrical systems to the food, utility, machine tool, wire drawing, and elevator industries, to name a few. Matlock Electric represents over 500 years of collective knowledge in the electric industry, being in the forefront of the newest developments.