Motor Journey

Ever wonder where your motor goes when it comes to Matlock?


A quarter of all motors in the US fail each year.  The first step on the journey to a Matlock motor repair is disassembling the motor so that diagnostics can begin.  Everything in your motor is taken apart, cleaned and inspected.  Where your motor goes from here will depend on what our experienced technicians uncover.


Over 1,000 Motors come into Matlock each year some to be completely reconditioned which is the next best thing to having a new motor. Techs in the ma­chine shop are experienced and equipped with state of the art machinery. Other issues they may send your motor to the shop in­clude damaged shafts or housing.


Overheating is one of the main reasons a motor fails and many times this failure sends your motor to the best winders in the tri-state, with years of experience. Proper winding is critical to the life of your motor. Damaged coils are another reason your motor could be remanufactured here.


After your motor has been seen by our certified technicians and either remanufactured or reconditioned, it is completely reassembled. Our expert assembly technicians make sure the motor is assembled right and ready for final testing.


No motor leaves Matlock without thorough testing and a final inspec­tion. We have state of the art instru­mentation to determine if your motor is ready to leave the shop and go back to full operation. Plus it leaves Matlock with our service guarantee – one of the best in the industry.

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