AC Repairs

AC Motor Repairs

No two projects are alike.

That’s why you need state-of-the-art equipment and experienced technicians ready to meet your specific repair and remanufacturing needs. Our use of quality materials and replacement parts insures a superior repair that will last a lifetime. During each phase of the remanufacturing process continual testing and documentation is assurance of our strict Quality Control Manufacturing policies.

Our rewinding process utilizes only high temperature, Thermaleze Q inverter grade copper magnet wire, Class H Nomex in-slot and phase insulation with polyester or epoxy resins. Winding data is verified with engineering programs based on both the manufacturer’s and EASA data. All magnetic cores are tested and repaired to insure maximum efficiency. Our exclusive Inverter Grade Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (*VPI) system completes the rewinding process.

Matlock’s superior materials and replacements parts not only insure a guaranteed quality rebuild, but our processes improve the equipment beyond its original design.

Mechanical parts are closely examined and measured in our machine shop. In-house dynamic balancing is performed on all rotating parts to assure precise results.

Matlock is a certified SKF facility, using only the latest technology to guarantee the proper installation of the highest quality bearings.


  • Test capacity up to 7,000HP
  • Complete incoming analysis performed, including surge testing
  • All rotating parts are dynamically balanced
  • All components are remanufactured to original specification
  • Class H insulating materials used in all rewinds

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