Power Transmission Parts

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Power Transmissions


Brakes are an external device, or accessory, that brings a running motor to a standstill and/or holds a load. Brakes can either be added to a motor or incorporated later.

They operate on a very simple principle: while the motor is running with power engaged, an electromagnet within the brake pulls back the pressure plate allowing the friction and discs motor shaft to rotate freely.


A clutch is a mechanical device for engaging and disengaging a motor. Clutches are often used when many starts and stops are required.

When the clutch is activated, current flows through the electromagnet producing a magnetic field. The rotor portion of the clutch becomes magnetized and sets up a magnetic loop that attracts the armature. The armature is pulled against the rotor and a frictional force is generated at contact. Within a relatively short time, the load is accelerated to match the speed of the rotor, thereby engaging the armature and the output hub of the clutch.

Gearboxes and Gearmotors

Gearboxes are used in a very wide range of industrial fields. Thanks to the use of gearboxes, rotation force (torque) is used to produce a much greater rotation force, and a slow rate of revolution. In many industries, the gearbox, which is the equipment that transmits mechanical power, is an essential piece of equipment.

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