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January 30, 2017
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February 1, 2018
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Lubrication is an important part to your motor operation, but here at Matlock, we often see motors that have been overlubricated which leads to motor failure.

Nearly 80% of all bearing failures are related to lubricating. 

So if you’re still sending a Greaser around to give your motors a heavy dose of lubricant every several months, it’s time to consider ultrasonic greasing.

Ultrasonic greasing is the best way to grease a motor.

How does it work?  Lack of or excess of lubrication in your bearings results in friction.  By using handheld airborne and structure borne ultrasound instruments, we can detect high frequency sounds measured in decibels that result from the friction.

What does measuring decibels tell us?  When lubricating, you first need to determine your decibel level baseline.  Then you lubricate until the decibel level returns to that baseline.

  • If the decibel level decreases and then begins to increase while lubricating, that’s a sign of over lubricating.
  • If the decibel level doesn’t change during lubrication, this could be a sign of permanent bearing damage or damage to the equipment that will not be fixed by lubrication.

Use ultrasonic technology to increase the longevity of your motor and always follow best practices in maintaining your equipment.

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